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Who is Opposed to the Trade?

Letters to the Editor

Click on the letters below to view large:

Live Export is Cruel Fremantle Herald 9th Jan Thumbnail image
Fremantle Gazette 2010 Fremantle Gazette Jan 2010 Thumbnail image
Herald January 2010 Fremantle Herald 9th Jan West Australia 14th September 2010

The Community

The general community are in favour of a phase out of live exports.

  • A 2010 Galaxy poll indicated that 79% of people would like to see live exports phased out and since then, numerous polls have all shown a support for an end to the live trade
  • Many Letters to the Editor are published each year on this issue. To view samples, click here
  • Over 63,000 Body Shop customers demanded an end to live sheep export.  At the conclusion of the campaign, Body Shop staff felt so passionate about the issue, they took it upon themselves to meet directly with their local Member of Parliament
  • The Federal and State Branches of the Meat Workers Union are strenuously opposed to live exports

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