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  • Cattle truck Fremantle
    Cattle truck Fremantle
  • Sheep truck Fremantle
    Sheep truck Fremantle
  • Trucks Fremantle port
    Trucks Fremantle port
  • Ships Fremantle Port
    Ships Fremantle Port
  • Roped steer Mauritius 2013
    Roped steer Mauritius 2013
  • Sheep to slaughter Jordan 2014
    Sheep to slaughter Jordan 2014
  • Fremantle Rally October 2012
    Fremantle Rally October 2012

Stop Live Exports

Stop Live Exports is committed to ending the export of live animals for slaughter.

Live Exports - Cruel and Unnecessary

Australia currently exports approximately three million live animals (mostly cattle and sheep, but also buffalo, goats, alpacas and camels) for slaughter and breeding every year; around sixty percent of those will have their throats cut whilst fully conscious and many will be subjected to handling and treatment that would be illegal here.

We believe there is a way forward that will not only not disadvantage Australian jobs or farmers, but will actually create more jobs, be beneficial for the economy and most importantly, reduce animal suffering and cruelty.

You can help make a difference by joining Stop Live Exports as a member, make a donation or purchase from our online store. All proceeds go directly towards our continued efforts to stop the cruelty of Australian live animal exports.

To stay informed and to get involved subscribe to our action alerts, read and comment on our and follow on facebook.

We will keep fighting for the animals!

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