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It's Stop Live Exports' SIXTH annual Human Chain, and it's on


Live animal export is STILL cruel, the abuse is STILL happening and we STILL oppose it!

Please do whatever you need to do, to make this Sunday morning free and clear to attend this and BRING FIVE FRIENDS!

WHEN: Sunday 9 October, 10.45 until midday
WHERE: Stirling Traffic Bridge, corner of Stirling Hwy and Canning Hwy
WHAT: Wear BLACK and print off your sign and pin it to you or laminate it/attach it to cardboard and wear it round your neck. Warning - if it's windy, it will fly up and smack you in the face so great idea to pin it no matter how you wear it!
WHY: Because this bridge has seen around 50 million animals cross it on the way to export from Fremantle port since the year 2000; we have vowed to form a Human Chain across this bridge every year until live animal exports are stopped, as a constant reminder to the government, industry and media, of how diverse those who oppose the trade are.
HOW: There is plenty of off-street parking in side streets off Canning Hwy both east and west of the bridge, and paid parking along Riverside Rd below the bridge. The 106 bus stops right where we're meeting going out of and into Fremantle from Perth.

Facebook event page HERE - please RSVP there if you're on facebook.


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If you have a boat and would be prepared to take it out on the river with signs and banners, to sail/motor up and down the river under the bridge for an hour, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SLE Boat

This is a PEACEFUL, silent protest. Download your "I AM A _____ STILL OPPOSED TO LIVE EXPORTS" sign HERE.

Dress in BLACK and join us on the Stirling Traffic Bridge (Stirling Hwy between Canning Hwy, East Fremantle and Tydeman Rd, North Fremantle) a bridge that has seen tens of million of animals cross it on their way to a fate worse than death.


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WHO attends these things??? Watch a video of one of our previous Human Chain events and why we do what we do:


PLEASE donate to our

GoFundMe SLE Human Chain 2016 Aerial Banner campaign

 to raise $3,000 for pre-advertising and for aerial banner on the day!

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Date and Time: First Saturday of every month at 10.00 AM for one hour
Event Details: To keep the issue of live animal exports squarely in the minds and hearts of the general public, we hold a public outeach event every month, at which we display signs and banners, hand out information flyers and stickers and collect donations if offered.
Location: Intersection of Tydeman Rd and Queen Victoria St, ,North Fremantle (meet at Post Office).
Parking: Limited parking at Post Office, more parking at Railway Hotel on Tydeman Rd)

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