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An animal welfare lawyer is stepping up calls for the live export trade to be banned, maintaining that mortality rates on live export voyages would be unacceptable if judged under domestic animal welfare laws.

Dr Malcolm Caulfield told a University of Tasmania forum in Hobart last month that Australia’s domestic animal cruelty and welfare laws make it an offence for people to fail to care for, or be cruel to, a single animal.

Read full article here.

Bader head height

Note overhead clearance and stocking density on board the Bader III Jan 2013. Photo: K Love

Great piece by WSPA here.




Image: WSPA

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THIS will always be a risk of the live animal export industry.

Transitioning to an expanded chilled-only trade eliminates the concerns of overseas animal welfare standards imposed on Australian animals (or lack of them); it eliminates the inherent risks associated with transporting tens of thousands of live animals distances of up to 13,000 km, taking as long as six weeks to complete, it eliminates the risk of trade restrictions, quotas and breeches of MOUs affecting animal welfare; it eliminates the Australian producers' reliance upon the whims and egos of importing countries.

Mr Wainwright's sheep may be shot thanks to Bahrain's decision to refuse a shipment of 22,000 sheep exported to them in August, despite our Memorandum Of Understanding with that country.

Bahrain feedlot AA
Australian sheep, Bahrain feedlot. Photo: Animals Australia

Undoubtedly, claims will be made that those of us who fight to eliminate the unavoidable cruelty associated with live exports, have somehow caused this tragic situation, by reporting, repeating and exposing the truth ... I will not be surprised to see individual animal advocates personally blamed by pro-live exporters for this tragic situation.

As horrific as it is to think of thousands of sheep being needlessly shot, I think it bears considering that they face a quicker, more pain-free death without the added trauma of a two to three-week sea voyage, than had they been shipped to Bahrain - they were after all bred for slaughter and surely a bullet to the head must be one of the more humane ways to slaughter a sheep?

Of course a more humane end for the them fails to address the financial situation Mr Wainwright finds himself in due to the unreliability and inconsistency of the live animal trade. K Love

Read article here.

One of the WA's biggest live sheep exporters says it is on target to resume shipments to Saudi Arabia this year, defying industry predictions that the crucial market will remain closed.

Read full article here.

Tomorrow evening, as crowds gather to join in the festivities of Australia Day, marvel at the fireworks display, and contemplate what it means to be a Aussie, tens of thousands of Australian sheep already sit on board the Bader III docked in Fremantle Harbour.

These sheep have not only been subjected to hours on a truck without food and water, but are now stuck in  cramped and unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar sights sounds, movements, smells and faces, whilst fireworks explode in close proximity.

Sticker shot for web
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Happy Australia Day to them - shoved on a ship for up to six weeks, bound for a foreign country which most likely has no animal welfare laws; a country where they will most likely be slaughtered in a manner that would be illegal here; a country where we realistically have no control over how animals sent from Australia are treated.

Hundreds of them won't even make it that far - they will succumb to stress, disease, trauma or simply fail to eat.

Happy Australia Day Aussie icon, on whose backs Australia is said to have grown and prospered. This is how we treat you. Anything for a buck.

And let's not forget our bovine buddies - already three ships in a week have left with thousands of gentle souls bound for Malaysia, Sumartra and Jakarta.

I am ashamed to be an Australian whilst this trade continues.

Katrina Love

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