The transparency has already been muddied, with less information publicly available about non-compliance and official complaints of abuse and cruelty - now that that is in place, they will start to reduce auditing requirements.

“The recent report into Australia’s live export assurance system demonstrated that Australian livestock exported overseas are treated humanely in almost every instance and in accordance with international animal welfare standards,” Mr Joyce said.

adjective hu·mane \hyü-ˈmān, yü-\
1.  :  marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals; having or showing compassion or benevolence

"Humanely" is not open to interpretation, and it's time this industry stopped using that word in any relation to the treatment of "livestock" either here or overseas.

Taking a life by means of cutting the throat whilst fully conscious is the antithesis of "humane". There are only varying levels of barbarity - the animals being competently and irreversibly stunned prior to throat cut being the least barbaric and inhumane method and due to Halal requirements for those animals stunned, reversible stunning is not permitted. The vast majority of cattle exported live for Halal slaughter are stunned, but the stunning is reversable, meaning the potential for the animals to come to before bleeding out is a real possibility.

GAZA-08RS800x600                                                   Image: Animals Australia, Gaza 2013

Minister Joyce is also very keen to spread the misinformation that the recent ESCAS report demonstrated almost 99% good animal welfare outcomes - patently untrue and without any evidence to back up the claim; in fact, the "non-compliance with possible direct animal welfare impact" reported in table C3 of said report as 0.16% is in fact unknown, because it is unknown what percentage of animals were monitored from export to slaughter. but we imagine he will do whatever it takes and spread whatever lies he has to, to try to justify this industry in which he has a vested interest.

Even the government has admitted it doesn't know the actual rate of non-compliance, yet Joyce is happy to publicly, FALSELY state that compliance is 99%. This is a dirty, deceitful, cruel and shameful industry, endorsed and covered up for by our own government. KL

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