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Without live animal exports, we can have a sustainable, booming and RELIABLE chilled meat industry supplying the best Australia has to offer whilst keeping jobs and profits in Australia and providing certainty for all producers - good for the economy, good for "farmers", and MUCH better for the animals. It just needs commitment, and an investment of time, effort and money from both state and federal governments and some thinking outside the box.

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What's the alternative? Supplying live animals to an unreliable global market, where we realistically have no control over how those animals are handled or slaughtered; shipping jobs and profits offshore so a select few can make a profit from an indefensible and immoral trade that brings Australia international shame, supported by a government that, despite all its protestations, evidently does NOT take animal welfare seriously.

Australia is going to have trouble feeding its own growing population, and with global warming on top of our already considerable propensity for drought - we do NOT want to become the dust bowl of Asia - we can't properly feed and water the current cattle herds in Australia - does anyone think this is going to get easier? Who are the real losers? - as always, the animals. KL