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Four Corners - Expose of Shocking Cruelty

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Four Corners - The Shocking Truth behind the Live Export Industry

If you were shocked along with the rest of Australia regarding the treatment of Australian cattle in Indonesia, this is your time to get involved.  We have outlined some easy things you can do. Our Campaign Manager is standing by to help, so please feel free to contact Jodie on

1. Contact the Prime Minister

Let Julia Gillard know that you think this treatment of Australian animals is completely unacceptable and you want the see the trade in cattle to Indonesia suspended immediately along with an overall end date to live animal exports.  The most powerful way to be heard is an individually written letter.  Please feel free to ask for help with this.  The PM's contact details are:

The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

Send an instant message to the PM here

2. Contact your Federal and State MP

Please also contact your State and Federal MP!

If you live in WA, contact your State MP.  You can find a listing of MP contact details here.

You can find a listing of Federal MP contact details here

In your letter, to avoid a standard response that is generated by a computer, be sure to ask specific questions. Questions could include asking about Government spending on live exports, how they could possibly trust anything the industry says and what is being done about local jobs.  Please ask us for help.

3. Social Media

Please use Twitter (#BanLiveExport) and Facebook to get the message out there to all your friends and family.

4. Dedicated Animals Australia and RSPCA Website

Check out the dedicated website put together by Animals Australia and RSPCA here

6. Join the Get Up Campaign

7. Stay in Touch

Join up to our newsletter (we only send 1-2 per month about how to help, events and heaps more) by clicking here or stay in touch via Facebook. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

8. Join Us

You can help keep the campaign in alive in WA by becoming a member of Stop Live Exports, a grass-roots group that has been campaigning for an end to this trade for many years! We have a huge volunteer base that is getting the message out to the community, media and politicians. Click here to join. A good strong membership sends a message to decision makers that this is an important issue.

If you missed Four Corners, it will be replayed on Tuesday 31st May ay 11.35pm and Saturday 4th June at 8pm on ABC News 24.   You can also see a replay at

Thank you

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  • Angela Nice Wednesday, 01 June 2011

    As a new Australian Citizen, should I feel proud to be one? At present I don't think so. This is a beautiful country and I am happy to be lwith my family, but this is not enough. For years I have been supporting PACAT thinking that this was the only live export. How wrong I was... I feel that too many Australians are only concerned with making as much money as possible regardless of the means. This cruelty is absolutley unforgivable but is an every day occurrence for asian and middle eastern importers. NOW is the time to put pressure on the govenment to STOP ALL live exports.

  • Ms Alexandra Hodges Wednesday, 01 June 2011

    As I have been involved in trying to stop the live export trade for many years,in fact since that sheep ship sank in SA waters,drowning thousands of sheep,I had to "wimp out"from watching Four Corners.My partner and sister did and ended up in tears.The fact that there are farmers in this country that are turning a blind eye to this barbaric depravity,just to make millions of dollars,shames,angers and embarrasses me!To try and say that some slaughterhouses are OK is just a cop out of the worst order.What's to stop these wretched people trucking the cattle from the "approved"places to the hellholes??!!There is only one ethical outcome here,and that is to say "It's frozen or nothing"!!No country with animal welfare laws should be sending any live animal to countries where there are none,it's a simple as that!Take note dog breeders!!!

  • christine stephan Thursday, 02 June 2011

    This "trade" is an absolute disgrace.I am sickened; I have no appetite to eat; I cannot sleep well at night. This is INEXCUSABLE and the result of selfish, greedy disorganization. What a SHAME it is on Australia in the 21st century!!!! I am unable to watch the footage - I have seen a couple of glimpses - and HEARD bad sounds; that is more than enough for me! THIS MUST END!!!!!!!!!

  • janette lde Thursday, 02 June 2011

    I , like a lot of people give money every month to an animal charity.Its good to see that something ,somewhere is being done to help stop this cruelty.The four Corners program is the tip of the iceberg but the more people that know of this then more action will be done.I for one, would never in a million years visit these asian countries where such cruel acts are tolerated

  • arthur cunningham Tuesday, 07 June 2011

    Please stop this cruelty

  • Gary Victoria Cullen Saturday, 11 June 2011

    i personally think that the animals should be slaughtered in Australian abattoirs. The cruelty to these animals in foreign nations is horrible and if we stopped the live export, the cruelty and animal abuse would cease. I live near the fremantle harbor and when the export ships are there, being loaded, the noise from the trucks on the highway and the smell in the air, from the animals being loaded for up to five or six days at a time is a disgrace in it's self. STOP LIVE EXPORTS!!!

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