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ALP collides with farmers on trade

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WAFarmers president Dale Park says "The livestock export trade is not only vitally important to WA livestock producers but it is crucial to the future of agriculture in this State, so the support of the State Government has been and will be imperative to secure its future."

I'd like to see the research that backs up Mr Park's claims that live export is "crucial to the future of agriculture in WA" - surely any method which sees a reliable market for the sheep they produce is what's "crucial" - how's the reliability of markets for live sheep working out so far? They're really reliable as long as they don't have to comply with any animal welfare improvements.

What is imperative, is for the State and Federal government to support the infrastructure and actions required to immediately head towards a phasing out of live exports and make local processing a viable and price-comparable option now, which actually has the ability to process the numbers required.

The main objection to this industry, from the majority of Australians is based on the inherent cruelty involved; THAT is the reason live animal export needs to be phased out. What is "crucial" to the long term welfare of any animals raised in Australia for human consumption is that they never be exported live on ships for overseas slaughter.

And what is "crucial" for all non-Australian animals who are similarly transported long distances and/or subjected to handling and slaughter methods that don't even meet the very low OIE standards, is for OIE to step up and get serious about compliance to their standards by member countries. this is a global issue, and an issue in which Australia needs to set an example - be part of the solution, not part of the problem. K Love

Read The West article here.

AA Oman trussed sheep

Trussed sheep awaiting slaughter in Oman. Photo: Animals Australia


  • Simon Nightingale Wednesday, 13 February 2013

    The despicable live export trade must end and end now. The cruelty of this industry is unacceptable to anyone with a modicom of conscience and should not go on for another year let alone 10 to 15. Greed & profit must not be allowed to override what is right.
    Those in a position to end it must act or become known for doing nothing to end this misery.

  • SLEAdmin Wednesday, 13 February 2013

    We agree, Simon! The trade can't end overnight as that would cause unimaginable hardships for both the animals and the producers, but what CAN Happen right now, is a commitment to phasing it out over the next three to five years - we need an end date set, to work towards.

  • Lola Thursday, 14 February 2013

    This is an abomination ! No-one with a shred of decency or morals can condone this barbarity - farmers, you, for a start, are the lowest of the low - it is you who PROFIT from this horror in the first place ! I HOPE you ALL go out of business, now that your dirty little secrets have been put out in the public arena, and we know the truth of the dairy industry and the live animal export trade ! I can't find the words to describe my contempt for you ...

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