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How rude - not a word of thanks

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Nope... nothing. Not one word of thanks to Lyn White and Animals Australia. If it wasn't for them, stun rates would still be at 10%, and little Steph's Indonesian adventure would have been full of images of whipping, beating, eye-gouging, tail-breaking, roped slaughter and mostly unstunned throat-cutting, though I doubt she would have been brave enough to face what Lyn White endured.

It took the bravery of Lyn White facing situations like a steer with a partially severed head charging towards her, or witnessing the prolonged abuse of many other individual steers to get the evidence that was instrumental in achieving a vast improvement in the conditions in Indonesian abattoirs, to which Australian animals are now sent; to get MLA and the government/DAFF to do in 12 months what they couldn't or wouldn't do in 18 years.

Indo abattoir rpe slaughter AA

Roped slaughter 2011, now prohibited under ESCAS. Photo: Animals Australia

In July last year, Steph missed the boat so to speak, when she boarded the Ocean Drover for a leisurely 15 day voyage to Bahrain. Had she boarded the same vessel on its very next voyage out of Fremantle, she would have found herself on a 37 day voyage to hell, and her blog photos may have been a little different; this was the voyage that carried 22,000 of the original 75,000 sheep to their final destination and massacre in Karachi, Pakistan, after being rejected by Bahrain contrary to our Memorandum of Understanding with that country, due to a scabbymouth outbreak.

Just lucky I guess... sure makes for slanted representation.

Katrina Love

Read about Steph's latest sanitized adventure here.


  • irene kucyk Friday, 11 January 2013

    Lyn White has done a fabulous job. We the people of Australia, the majority of us, are horrified at the cruelty inflicted on our sheep and cattle while being exported and when they reach their destination. The conditions are intolerable and cruel in the extreme. Australia has a very bad name for the cruelty of the live exports.

  • Twyla Friday, 11 January 2013

    Great work Lynn! Reading that i can't believe how brave you are to endure all that get the full story, there were parts in that short page that i didn't know you endured to get the story out. I have alot of respect for you, your truly an amazing, courageous woman. I hope everyone shows their support on here.

  • Gen Friday, 11 January 2013

    "slanted representation"???

    You guys need to get a grip, educate yourselves and realise without this industry the situation would be A LOT worse in places like Indonesia and the industry can take credit for that - i ask you, just how much money and time has Lyn White contributed to improving the supply chain?? yep, *tumbleweeds* because the answer is zero.

    Lyn White taking the credit for an industry as hard working as the ag industry is just a touch "slanted"

    signed, converted live export believer

  • Julie Friday, 11 January 2013

    Pffft.... Brave? Or just plain gutless? Why didn't
    Lyn stop the cruelty while she was there, instead of standing by, filming & watching it happen...? Why?... Because they would've likely cut her throat too! ... And if they weren't torturing Australian cattle, they'd still be doing the exact same thing to cattle from somewhere else...
    The key to animal welfare is education... Not sensationalising the problem and destroying an industry.
    I am an animal lover, a farmer and employee in the animal health industry - but NOT a supporter of Animals Australia.
    Encourage positive change in the industry instead of encouraging the shutdown of Australia's live export business... The animal cruelty won't stop without change, they will continue to get animals to torture elsewhere.
    Oh, by the way... 'little' Steph, as you call her, is doing an awesome job... That would be why she's hot gossip in your office!!!

  • Live Export Supporter Friday, 11 January 2013

    Well done Steph for your continued work in spreading the good elements of meat production being done by all and sundry. Education is the key here and as with everything in life, is the main issue.

  • Elisha Saturday, 12 January 2013

    Slanted representation - funny how some don't look in the mirror. RSPCA and Animals Australia has done nothing but portray slanted representations since allegedly exposing animal cruelty in Indonesia. Yes there were some small operators who were doing the wrong thing - exports to those facilities were stopped immediately and no one in Australia condoned those activities. But the vast majority of facilities are continuing with their high standard of processing and have even improved on their already above acceptable standards. Steph Coombes is incredible - she has done what everyone in the industry could only have hoped to do - shown what really goes on during live export trips and got the real message out there. Good work Steph!!

  • Everyday Australian repulsed by Animal Activists Saturday, 12 January 2013

    Definition of Brave:
    People who are ready to face and endure danger or pain.
    Sorry, but Lynn White does not fit this definition.

    * Bribery
    * Watched while in humane slaughter was performed in front of her.

    Definition of coward:A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

  • Realist Saturday, 12 January 2013

    Katrina may you never have to endure the hardship that Australian farmers have gone through in the last 18 months; may your job and income and welfare never be in jeopardy because of the stupidity and gutlessness of one woman trying to become a celebrity and may you aspire to dream to be half the woman that Steph is, speaking out for the many producers who work too damn hard, keeping the world fed and the Australian economy afloat, to have the time to write such rubbish on blog sites, such as yourself.

  • Bhadra Macken Sunday, 13 January 2013

    Actually Australia has the best Standards when it comes to Live Export, we are not the only country to do it. Australia is the ONLY country in the world that has spent millions of dollars giving away equipment to the Abbattoirs to better animal treatment and the personnel to educate them. Australia does not have a very bad name, it has an excellent reputation and its only individuals who are led to believe that we are the worst! I can't stand such mentality, do some research please before making such stupid comments!

  • John Doe Tuesday, 15 January 2013

    How long was this cruelty swept under the carpet for? Surely after all these years of export, rumors and talk must of spread through the industry? Farmers should of followed up their product or did they prefer not to know?

    Ban it.

  • Rikki Wednesday, 06 February 2013

    Slanted representation? Pot calling the kettle black maybe? I don't think I have ever seen an unbiased, independant report produced by the likes of PETA, RSPCA or AA. Steph at least is going way beyond her job to represent what the agricultural industry means to Australia. She is not funded by a vigilante organisation whose primary purpose is to scare and bully people into their beliefs so they can raise more cash for their next ludicrous campaign. If you really cared about the animals Lyn you would be doing this from the goodness of your heart, not for publicity and thanks....

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