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There are fears that further cutbacks in live cattle import quotas to Indonesia could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for some of the many northern cattle operations that depend upon the trade.

Few sectors of Australian agriculture are as heavily reliant upon a single market as the northern live cattle trade is to Indonesia.

Full article here.

cattle ship loadingabcnetauRESIZE

Cattle ship loading. Image:

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These "fact sheets" were recently circulated by the pro-live export faction. Get the "real facts", then get the REAL, real facts.

SHEET No. 1 - see our comments below.

lie sheet 1

“Fact” 1

In 2011, Australia in fact exported 2,592,028 sheep (pretty basic fact to get wrong, but no biggie)

In 2011, Australia in fact exported 718,025 cattle (wrong again)

“99% of all animals arrived fit and healthy” – figures to support this? There are no figures for morbidity rates, so arguably, all suffer from sea sickness and or sea spray blindness, trauma and injury, but even ignoring that, many animals die after arrival and before the slaughterhouse, so a 1% mortality rate (in fact 0.15 for cattle and 0.74% for sheep that year) is very misleading. There have also been several vets come forward, who have said they were threatened into misreporting on board mortality rates.

BIGGEST LIE: Voyages to the Middle East actually take between 14 and 38 days and one voyage to Turkey in 2011 took 41 days – these voyage times are calculated from the last port in Australia, to the first port of offloading, so a shipment that leaves Portland, stops at Fremantle, then stops at Doha, Bahrain and Kuwait to unload could actually take more than 41 days for the first sheep loaded, if that sheep is one of the last offloaded.

Voyages to China take up to 24 days (Oct 2011, Portland to Tianjin)

In 2011, 19,212 sheep and 1067 cattle died en route, with an estimated 47% of those dying from inanition (failure to eat).

“Fact” 2

Again – 99% of all animals (and this is arguable given that on board vets have revealed that they were threatened into fudging the figures) arrived alive – there is no proof that any of them arrived fit and healthy. Sheep have between 0.261 and 0.575 m² each, depending on weight, with no room to walk freely, run or exercise.

“Fact” 3

Since ESCAS was implemented late last year, there has been one instance of confirmed breaches (46 breaches of the OIE standards for handling and slaughtering cattle) in 2 ESCAS-accredited abattoirs in Indonesia in February 2012, two probable (currently under review) – 200 Australian sheep slaughtered at the banned Al Rai meat markets in Kuwait in August, and of course the 20,000 sheep massacred in Karachi in Sept/Oct, which ended up there after Bahrain ignored the MOU we have with that country, and now an official complaint has been made to DAFF over evidence that Australian cattle were illegally rope-slaughtered outside an ESCAS-accredited abattoir in West Java.

Then of course there was the debacle of 30,000 cattle held in feedlots in Egypt for eight weeks (July – Sept) because of fears over HGP implants DESPITE those cattle being inspected in Australia and approved for export by EGYPTIAN authorities. 55,000 sheep were delayed from unloading in Kuwait in August despite our MOU with that country and thousands of Australian breeding cattle, sheep and goats died horrific deaths from starvation, thirst and heat stroke on the Al Waab farm in Qatar (breeding animals are not officially “protected” under ESCAS.

Australia obviously might try to regulate animal welfare, but it is realistically not possible to control the handling and slaughter of animals once they leave this country.

“Fact 4”

 All jobs except for the live export companies themselves, would still be required for an expanded chilled meat trade: farmers/pastoralists/graziers, stock hands, drovers, pilots, shearers, truckies, wharfies, vets, PLUS the meat workers, packers, fork lift drivers and all those involved with the value adding that occurs with locally processed animals, in the hide, fertiliser, gelatine, bone industries.

The Acil Tasman report commissioned by WSPA in 2011 proved that a sheep processed in WA is worth 20% more to the economy, than one sent offshore for processing.

The AMIEU estimates 45,000 jobs have been lost in the meat processing industry since the trade began – 1,000 in the 2010 alone.

Fact 5

No argument there.


“Fact” 6

Numerous other polls have shown public support of up to 80% for a phase out of live exports. One of the recent polls they are citing, indicated that 54% of respondants would be in favour of live export continuing, as long as the animals went to countries "which can guarantee they will be treated humanely" - we can't even guarantee that they will be treated humanely here, in fact no country can. So by that rationale, 54% of respondants are in favour of live export continuing to NO countries!



We've seen enough.

Already, over a thousand GetUp members have chipped in to fund the gripping first ad, which began airing last week on Sky News. The ad portrayed the harsh reality; graphic footage depicting brutality towards Australian animals. The footage of this tragic event is so disturbing that none of it was approved to air during primetime free to air due to its adult rating. We've found a way to reach as many people as possible in order to dial up the pressure on our politicians to do the right thing. Below is the new ad we've created, appropriate for general viewing but still powerful and emotive, showing the visceral reactions of every day Australians as they watch images of this tragic event for the first time.

Warning: The second video contains graphic footage.

See both videos here.

sheep pakistan yahoo
Australian sheep, some still breathing a day after massacre. Photo:

Katrina Love for Stop Live Exports and Michael Trant for Save Live Exports, interviewed on HKD evening news. Video here.

Rally 6Oct12 Kat RESIZE

Stop Live Exports Coordinator Katrina Love at National Rally in Fremantle Oct 2012. Photo: K Frost

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Eggs were thrown and a woman carrying a child jumped in front of a truck as anti live-export demonstrators and farmers held duelling rallies in Fremantle.

Stop Live Exports co-ordinator Katrina Love said about 1000 people formed a human chain across Stirling Bridge on Sunday morning, up from 370 last year. Full article here.

egg pelt

One victim of the many eggings by pro-live exporters. Photo: John

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Police described both sides as “well behaved” as live export industry supporters and those opposed to the trade staged counter protests in Fremantle yesterday. Full article here.

kate full bridge

1100 people opposed to live exports line the Stirling Bridge. Photo: Kate Greenfeld

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Hundreds of farmers, producers and exporters have lined the foreshore under Fremantle's Stirling Bridge as part of a counter rally against a live exports protest. Read full report here.

stupid farmers

They find the inherent cruelty amusing. Photo: Stop Live Exports

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LABOR backbench MPs Kelvin Thomson, Melissa Parke, Janelle Saffin and Darren Cheeseman’s proposed ban on live exports relies on arguments which perpetuate “economic vandalism” on producers, said Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council chief executive officer Alison Penfold, and won’t be tolerated by ALEC.Full story here.


Member for Fremantle, Melissa Parke at Fremantle Rally 6 Oct 2012Photo: Kate Greenfeld

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The first significant new abattoir to be constructed in Northern Australia in half a century is a step closer, with construction likely to start soon on a $20 million processing plant in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Full story here.

kimberley drive australian geographic

Photo: Australian Geographic

Beef Central's glowing commentary on the pro-live export faction's counter-protest to our Human Chain event. They fail to mention that their "fact" sheets are in fact 'industry spin' sheets, and in some cases, 'blatant lie' sheets. More on that to come.

Read full article here.

Human chain flierFINAL RESIZE jpeg

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A prominent WA farmer has raised the possibility of launching a class action lawsuit against an animal rights activist who has been calling for the abolition of live exports. Read full story here.


abc pakistan

Photo: ABC


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Labor backbencher summed up ESCAS (Exporters Supply Chain Assurance System) accurately when he said:

"The system that we have in place amounts to an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff when what we need is some fencing at the top."


Photo: The Age

* FEB 2012 - 46 breaches of OIE standards for the handling and slaughter of cattle were documented in a short period of time, in two ESCAS-approved abattoirs in Indonesia.


* AUG 2012 - Evidence has been submitted to the government that 200 Australian sheep were slaughtered in the banned Al Rai meat markets in Kuwait.

Lyn White said "This market is the scene of the worst abuses of Australian sheep I have documented over the past nine years. That hundreds of Australian sheep were for sale there shows a blatant disregard by the exporter for their regulatory obligations."


* AUG 2012 - 55,000 sheep aboard the Al Shuwaikh were delayed form unloading in Kuwait, despite our Memorandum of Understanding with that country.


* AUG 2012 - 22,000 sheep aboard the Ocean Drover were refused by Bahrain, contrary to our Memorandum of Understanding with that country. They subsequently ended up being unloaded in Karachi, Pakistan, where most of them were brutally culled in violation of even the very low OIE standards. Footage was taken by staff, of them being stabbed, clubbed and even buried alive.


* SEPT 2012 - 11,000 breeding cattle were rejected by Indonesia because they didn't have complete breeding line histories - impossible to attain. Breeding stock are not “protected” under ESCAS.


* SEPT 2012 - 30,000 cattle were held in feedlots in Egypt for eight weeks whilst they kept slaughtering a few at a time to decide whether they suddenly had a problem with the HGP implants. These cattle were inspected and approved BEFORE they left Australia, by EGYPTIAN authorities.


* SEPT 2012 - it was revealed that over 10,000 Australian breeding sheep, cattle and goats, unprotected by ESCAS, died horrific deaths from thirst and hunger on a private farm in Qatar - many, including newborn calves, cooking in 50 degree heat.


*OCTOBER 2012 – evidence surfaced of Australian cattle being illegally rope-slaughtered outside an ESCAS-accredited abattoir in West Java, in the presence of an MLA employee. A formal complaint has been submitted to DAFF.










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Government officials seek to cover up live export and shark attack link.

Details here.


Photo: Western Australians for Shark Conservation


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Link to interview on The Couch with Katrina Love, Stop Live Exports Coordinator and our passionate and hard-working member and volunteer, Ira Kroll, who actually arranged for our interview.

Watch here.

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Greens senator Lee Rhiannon says she welcomes pressure from within the Labor caucus to phase out the live animal export trade. Read full story here.


Photo: Animals Australia

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Tony Ryan, commenced his working life in the cattle industry in 1961 following four years study of agricultural science, dairy science, and animal husbandry, and later worked for Dalgety as a stock agent. He commenced researching the unrealised potential of Top End rural industries after moving to the NT in 1971, including two tours of education on tropical primary industries provided by Malaysian and Indonesian farmers and fishermen.

Read the full article here.

brahman cow and calf resize

A former Australian diplomat to the Middle East and Pakistan says Australia should use its seat on the UN Security Council to phase out the international live export trade. Full story here.

abc pakistan

Photo: ABC

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THE public needs to put its money where its mouth is, or farming will continue to suffer, writes KATE DOWLER - full story here.


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Listen to audio here - Greens MLC , Lynn MacLaren speaks to Understory about live anmal exports.

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"As a vet in Darwin - who spent 22 years as a research vet for the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and did research on cow death rates on large stations in the late 1980s pre-large scale live export - I believe the live export of cattle to Indonesia is vital for animal welfare both here and in Indonesia."

Read full story here.

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