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Stop Live Exports - People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport

Every year tens of thousands of sheep die on the ships before they reach the Middle East. In 2008 alone, over 35,000 sheep died on sea voyages. Hundreds of cattle die each year on the sea voyage, and more succumb to illness and disease after arrival.Levy Lamb

Stop Live Exports is West Australia’s largest animal welfare lobby group and is committed to ending the export of live animals for slaughter. Stop Live Exports considers that animals ought to be slaughtered as close to where they were raised to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Sample heading 2 - What you can do to help stop live animal exports

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Aenean feugiat volutpat nibh, nec commodo risus rhoncus id. Nunc est augue, imperdiet sit amet sollicitudin eu, interdum vel lectus. Become a member and help make a difference.

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