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Volunteer Profile - Sandie Rawnsley


What is your occupation
I’m a marketing manager at Murdoch University, working in the Research & Development area

Why did you choose to get involved with the live export issue?
When I moved to Fremantle recently, the issue of live exports was thrust into my conscientious. I have to drive to Murdoch along the Leach Highway and so get to see firsthand the sad sight of animals packed into trucks (and I do mean packed and often in very heated conditions) being taken to the harbour.  I hate the sight of those trucks and seeing one really spoils my day. The local Fremantle people complain about the smell of the animals when the ships are in but I’m glad that people have a constant reminder of the suffering of these poor animals.

Do your family get involved as well?
I dragged my husband along to a Stop Live Exports public meeting recently and I was amazed and pleased at how vocal and emotional he became about the issue.  My daughter also helps with raising awareness about the cause amongst her friends and she will also be performing at the fundraiser at the Fly by Night (see more below)

Why do you think others should get involved?
I’ve met very few people who think that this trade is right.  Many people express their abhorrence of the trade but don’t know what they can do to get it stopped.  Many people also can’t confront the suffering and so turn away from it. Getting involved with Stop Live Exports means that you can start to do something positive – every signature on a petition, every cent collected, every politician lobbied are all steps in the right direction.

What are you working on with Stop Live Exports right now?
A couple of us are organising a fundraiser at the Fly by Night in Fremantle on the evening of Sunday 18th September.  We’ve secured some fantastic musical talent with the Sneaky Weasel Gang and Lightening Jack and performances from the Vintage Reds vaudeville duo and others. There will also be raffles and prizes and EcoFairies - it’s going to be a wonderful party and everyone who reads this must come along and join in the fun.

What other causes do you support?
RSPCA, WSPA – anything that prevents animal suffering.

Whom do you most admire
Nelson Mandela, for his capacity to forgive and lead a nation away from recrimination and blame. I spent my childhood in South Africa so understand how different things might have been if it were not for President Mandela.

What is your favourite food?
A favourite meal would be crusty bread straight from the oven, a selection of European cheeses, lots of salads, avocado and asparagus and lashings of French Champagne!

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