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Do we really want to be sending more cattle to these two high risk markets? Past investigations have shown abhorrent cruelty to animals in the handling and slaughter of both sheep and cattle in Turkey (graphic footage) in July/August 2011 and Israel in August 2011 and November/December 2012 (post ESCAS (graphic footage)).

cattle israel2012 AA

Excessive use of electric prodders on Australian cattle in ESCAS-approved abattoir in Israel. Photo:L Animals Australia



In 2007, 3,500 Australian cattle were caught up in an Israeli agriculture and veterinary workers strike in January. The cattle were delayed, then unloaded into quarantine feedlots, but without standard veterinary health checks. Half were destined for Israeli slaughterhouses, and the rest were to be transported to the Palestinian Territories.

In 2005, Australian cattle offloaded in Israel from the Bader III were held up for some 24 hours in heat at the border crossing with the Palestinian Authority. Local animal advocates documented the distressed animals who had received no food and water during their truck journey or delay at the crossing.

In 2002

, the Israeli Government reported that in July, cattle and sheep on the M.V. Maysora arrived from Australia and experienced heat, unloading and transport delays, and were delayed at border crossings. Some 200 cattle died, most after arrival. Israel temporarily halted all imports of Australian cattle for several weeks until the delays and transport problems were said to be 'resolved'.

Read Beef Central article here.







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Voiceless - "Until animal cruelty stops, we won't either."

Video here.

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The world would be a darker, crueler place for animals without the tireless efforts of everyone at Animals Australia.

Check out their year in review here.

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Photo: Animals Australia

Or will it just be a short-lived destination for Australian cattle?

THE decision to expand the trade in live animals to Vietnam stripped the final layer of credibility from declarations that animal welfare is at the heart of the live exports industry.

Full story here.

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Jonny Warrington's footage from the Human Chain, 18 November 2012 HERE!

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