Meet the Team


We are a community-led, incorporated, not-for-profit organisation formed in the mid-1990s in Fremantle Western Australia.

We want a transition away from the cruel live animal export trade to a progressive and ethical alternative, by working together with the community, producers and government.

Meet the Team

About us

Stop Live Exports is run by a Volunteer Committee with a wide range of professional skills, employs a part-time employee and has the support of a dedicated group of volunteers.

We are caring members of the community that represent the majority of Australians who don’t want animals to suffer unnecessarily.

Our supporters come from all walks of life including professionals, tradies, kids, grandparents, meat-eaters, non-meat-eaters, city slickers, country dwellers and everyone in between.

Volunteer Committee




As a Stop Live Exports team member for over seven years, Alicia has been an integral part of the organisation’s growth and evolution.

Though more drawn to water than land as a marine scientist, Alicia has a strong interest in conservation and animal welfare in both terrestrial and marine environments.

In addition to her doctorate, Alicia has gained valuable knowledge and experience from multiple positions she has held on various committees across different organisations.

She is a firm believer in creating an environment that supports new ideas and new members, which is key to helping Stop Live Exports successfully achieve its goals.

Alicia shares her space with rescue animals Bruno and Daz, and spends her free time volunteering on seagrass and fish projects, campaigning for animal welfare improvements, gardening, scuba diving and hiking.




Angela is a dynamic and driven small business owner, a passionate advocate for animal welfare, and a dedicated mother. Born to Italian immigrant parents,her upbringing was marked by a strong work ethic and a focus on family, instilling in her the long-held cultural belief that we should strive to leave the community, and the world, in a better place for the next generations.

Angela’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by resilience, innovation, and a keen business acumen, which has led her to notable success in her endeavours in industries including food & beverage, FMCG, DVD, game & video rental industry and the financial sector with commercial and residential financing. Her love for animals extends beyond personal interest; she is a staunch advocate for their rights and has taken tangible steps to effect change.

For over 25 years, Angela has been on a journey advocating for the humane treatment of animals. This also included being a proud member of the Animal Justice Party in South Australia, running in the 2018 South Australian state election on a platform of animal welfare and advocacy.

In the same year, Angela was also an Executive Producer on the documentary, “Dominion”. The film advocates not for minor improvements to animal welfare but for a deeper conversation about examining the wider impacts of animal utilisation upon our landscape and within our society. The film went on to win numerous awards.



General Committee Member

A talented photographer and successful business owner, Brenda brings both creativity and business acumen to Stop Live Exports.

Brenda started Australia’s first exclusive pet photography business almost 20 years ago and the business continues to thrive today.

A natural at bringing people together, Brenda has a keen interest in the role that language plays in shaping attitudes and changing behaviours, and she was the driving force behind the fundamental shift in Stop Live Exports’ public persona.

Brenda is not one to shy away from a challenge, as evidenced by her resolve to beat her fear of public speaking by taking up stand-up comedy!

Brenda’s two great loves are her rescue dogs Pepper and Lotte, and in her downtime, she likes to go rock climbing, play soccer, dance like there’s no tomorrow and practice yoga.




General Committee Member

Catherine participates as a general committee member of, and represents, Stop Live Exports, from her home in Sydney. She is an IP lawyer of many years standing and has a keen interest in the development of animal law in Australia and around the world. She brings strong analytical and communication skills to the committee.

Catherine is interested in volunteering and currently does so in the areas of visual arts, English language for refugees and, most recently with her appointment to the Stop Live Exports committee, animal welfare. She loves the arts in all their different forms, the natural environment and animals. She believes that kindness to people and kindness to animals are not mutually exclusive.

Catherine spends much of her spare time at the gym, enjoying nature, walking her beloved Jack Russell Jay J and reading cracking fiction and books on philosophy and psychology.


Paid Employees



Communications and Events Manager

Prior to returning to University to study journalism and public relations, Bec enjoyed a career as a veterinary nurse.

Her love of animals has seen her volunteer with vets in developing countries including Cambodia, the Cook Islands and Indonesia, sterilising and treating street animals.

Back on home soil she fosters fur-kids and is committed to helping achieve an end to live animal exports and a transition to more humane alternatives.

Initially a volunteer Committee member for four years – three as President – in 2023 Bec stepped aside to accept the position of Communications and Events Manager.

Along with her passion to end live exports, Bec has over 20 years of professional communications experience so she was the perfect fit for this role.

Drawing on her profession, Bec has been instrumental in rebranding and repositioning Stop Live Exports to better reflect its diverse membership base, and in attracting members with specific areas of expertise to join the Committee. Her key focus moving forward is on strategic planning and partnerships.

In her leisure time Bec enjoys Pilates, soccer, surfing, mountain biking and hiking, and ever the joker, making people laugh!

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