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Stop Live Exports represents the majority of Australians who think live animal export is cruel and needs to end.
We want to see the live animal export trade replaced with a progressive and ethical alternative that looks after producers and their farm animals too.

Together, we can and we will, end this cruel trade

Australians don’t want our animals treated badly, and while live animal export continues there is no way to avoid unfathomable cruelty.

A common misconception is that if the live animal export trade ends then our producers (who already do a tough job) will suffer a great loss. This simply isn’t true.

In fact, almost seven out of 10 Australians in rural areas want to end live animal exports, and more people from rural areas, than from anywhere else, are concerned over the inadequacy of current standards.

Ending live animal export isn’t disadvantaging producers, or denying people the choice to eat meat. This is just what a handful of exporters want everyone to believe. 

What it’s about, is ensuring that animals don’t suffer unnecessarily.

Other countries are ending live animal export, we can too.

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Why we want to end live animal exports

Live animal export is cruel.

Animals that are exported live endure stressful transport by sea and air, in cramped, unclean conditions for days or weeks at a time, often in extreme temperatures and exposed to high levels of ammonia from urea, which makes it difficult for them to breathe.

They then find themselves in countries with no animal welfare laws or protection, where they often endure slaughter without stunning.

Live animal exporters have a decades-long history of animal cruelty. Think back to the vision of Tommy the steer being slaughtered in front of his friends in 2011 in Four Corners’ ‘A Bloody Business’.

Or to the footage of sheep literally cooking alive and drowning in their own faeces en route to the Middle East in August 2017, or of terrified Australian steers in Indonesia during Eid al-Adha in August 2019, being roped and held down, having their throats cut in a sawing motion without stunning.

The live animal export trade is an industry in decline, with annual exports dropping by an average of 16% per year between 2017 and 2021.

We want the live animal export trade replaced by a reliable chilled meat trade that looks after producers and their animals too.

Practical ways you can get involved

There are many ways you can make a difference to the live animal export trade that don’t require a financial contribution. 

We run campaigns to lobby government and industry stakeholders which everyone can participate in. Making your voice heard is a simple and effective way of letting decision-makers know that a modern society like Australia doesn’t need to export live animals to maintain a healthy agricultural sector. 

We also run events and fundraisers to connect with each other to bring about change, and we’re very active on Facebook, so get social!

Sharing our social media posts helps raise awareness and generate conversation about the need to end live animal export. It also helps build our supporter base and generates donations to help us end live animal export sooner.

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